Pearl Modiadie takes a moment to celebrate her childhood friend

“You’re a big part of my every day,” wrote Pearl.

15 November 2020 - 10:00 By deepika naidoo
Pearl Modiadie took a grateful trip down memory lane.
Pearl Modiadie took a grateful trip down memory lane.
Image: Twitter/Pearl Modiadie

Radio DJ and actress Pearl Modiadie penned a heartfelt letter to her bestie and we are all up in our feels!

Her latest role as mommy to her son has not caused Pearl to forget the other roles she plays in other people's life, such as the role of a friend. The presenter recently went on a grateful trip down memory lane and took time out to highlight the role her childhood friend has played in her life.

Taking to Instagram, Pearl wished her bestie Lucy Shabangu a happy birthday with some words of endearment. The star reminisced about the years of friendship between them. 

She also posted throwback pics of the pair, before and after stardom.

“You’re a big part of my every day and many of my milestones throughout the years ... the good and bad ... the belly laughs and tears we thought would never dry. I’m blessed to do this life thing with you and I pray you to get to live out your wildest dreams!” wrote Pearl.

Pearl has been in a particularly nostalgic mood lately. The star took to Twitter, looking back on her school days. She tweeted that she still remembers her school anthem and it gets stuck in her head sometimes.

“Fifteen years later and I still know my high school anthem word for word. I just found myself randomly singing it now ... so weird!” wrote Pearl.

The presenter and radio DJ also came across a fellow alum and had a back and forth singing the song.

"'I will use to the full ... and uphold the name ...’ You definitely went to Norkem! Lol!” wrote Pearl.