IN MEMES | 'Gomora' opens up dialogue on older women raping young boys

17 November 2020 - 18:00
Actor Sicelo Buthelezi plays Teddy in 'Gomora'.
Actor Sicelo Buthelezi plays Teddy in 'Gomora'.
Image: Suppied/Ouparazzi

Fans of Gomora have taken to Twitter to appreciate the popular telenovela for putting the spotlight on and sparking a much-needed conversation around the rape of boy children through Teddy's current storyline.

What began as a crush on the new hot teacher has — as fans predicted- ended in actual tears for Teddy (who is played by Sicelo Buthelezi). A naive Teddy became heavily infatuated with the new teacher, Miss Manzi, who seemed to have developed a soft spot for the slow learner.

However, Miss Mansi took advantage of Teddy and essentially ended up having sex with the confused teenager.

Viewers of Gomora engaged each other on Twitter about how the story is mimicking real life and how many boys were actually raped as teenagers but weren't able to express it because society makes it hard for them to say it out loud. They praised the writers for telling the story that they feel reflects the reality, especially in black communities.

They also flooded the TL with memes expressing their worry for Teddy and how this might set him further back in life. Others proved why the storyline was important as the fact that Miss Manzi took advantage of Teddy's naiveté seemed to jump over many people's heads.

Check out the memes below: