AKA & Kairo's pool hangout left tweeps in their #summergoals feels!

21 November 2020 - 11:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
AKA and Kairo remind fans that summer fun is on its way!
Image: AKA/Twitter AKA and Kairo remind fans that summer fun is on its way!

Rapper and daddy AKA hanging out with his daughter Kairo by the swimming pool has fans in the summer feels.

With the heat bordering on sweltering, people are flocking to the closest bodies of water they can find: the beach, the dam, the swimming pool, the shower. It's just how summer goes.

Recently, AKA took to Twitter with an adorable pic of mini-influencer Kairo Forbes splashing about in the swimming pool. The father-daughter duo was seen having fun in the sun with water guns galore.

The Fela in Versace hitmaker declared that summer has begun, and fans took his word for it.

Fans were loving the family time in the pool and were feeling those Dezemba summer vibes.

Here are some of the tweeps who say they're "cool for the summer":

AKA has been candid about the close bond he has with Kairo. Though he usually has advice for trolls and fan on Twitter, the star also has his parenting moments on the TL.

Earlier this year, AKA shared a LOL-worthy moment with Kairo on Twitter. The star said he caught Kairo saying she is a "savage" and quoting from the Meg Thee Stallion song I'm A Savage.

The papa bear said he wasn't having that, and taught Kairo a lesson.

“My lil' baby started singing to me, 'daddy, I’m a savage ... class ...'. I said: 'Hold up. Do you even know what a savage is? Where did you learn that? You’re not a savage baby. At all'.”