Moshe Ndiki says he owes his success to 2 loose cigarettes & a bottle of cheap wine

22 November 2020 - 16:00
TV personality Moshe Ndiki's successful career began on YouTube.
TV personality Moshe Ndiki's successful career began on YouTube.
Image: Gallo Images/Oupa Bopape

Actor Moshe Ndiki opened up about how he became a YouTube success after being unemployed and "broke" when he appeared on the Nescafe Grind Sessions talk show.

From his success on The Queen to the recent news of his marriage to long-time partner Phelo Bala, Moshe has had a year of wins.

However, the star has been candid about the trials and tribulations he faced on his way to fame. On the second episode of the Nescafe Grind Sessions talk show hosted by Hulisani Ravele and focusing on social media, Moshe recounted how the struggle was real when he was an unemployed graduate.

“Three years after being in varsity I graduated and thought 'I'm going to get a job or the most I can do is attend an audition, or just get discovered like Charlize Theron'.

"But life had other plans, and the industry had other plans for me,”

One day, when the star was down to his last R30, he purchased a bottle of wine and two loose cigarettes, filmed a video and the rest was history.

“The next day I was hungover because, wow, wine for R25? Can you believe it? Then a friend  came to visit and said 'dude lets upload this on YouTube'. I was like, 'YouTube? isn't that for Britney and Beyoncé'? But when you mention the likes of Britney, Beyoncé, Moshe, it's literally the same thing,” said Moshe.

The media personality said once the video went live, he was an overnight success with the video gaining 1,500 views in less than 24 hours of uploading and growing from there. Moshe said he only expected about 200 views.

Reflecting on the fame you can get from social media, Moshe said his fans enjoyed his content because of the authenticity of the Moshe Ndiki brand. 

“The beautiful thing about that (growing popularity) is that people liked my content because it was genuine and authentic,” said Moshe.