AKA on his admiration for Nasty C after he compared him to ProKid

Nasty a 'solidified God' for 'tryna knock down walls'

23 November 2020 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
Rapper AKA compares Nasty C to the late ProKid.
Rapper AKA compares Nasty C to the late ProKid.
Image: AKA/Twitter

Iyo! AKA landed in hot water with social media users after he stirred the pot by comparing Nasty C to the late veteran rapper ProKid. 

What might have seemed as “harmless fun” to the Fela In Versace hitmaker turned into him having to explain why he was comparing the two hip hop heavyweights. 

This comes after AKA took to Twitter with a poll asking tweeps who they liked more between Nasty C and Pro.

AKA also backed up the reason he was comparing the two by claiming Nasty C was the 2020 ProKid.

While AKA created the poll just to “see something”, tweeps came at him for comparing the rappers, who to many, were completely different in how they rap. 

A tweep also went as far as telling AKA that his poll was a “huge disrespect towards Pro”. 

While he thought that his poll was accurate, Supa Mega told the tweep the two rappers were actually the same when it came to serving some fire bars.

As tweeps went back and forth about why the Baddest hitmaker made the “weird” comparison, AKA explained he was in no way making a statement but was simply asking a question. 

Another tweep kinda agreed with AKA but explained that Nasty C was the “ProKid that went to private school”. 

AKA let the tweeps know that the poll was not that deep, as comparison was a part of what hip hop was all about. 

AKA then closed the debate off by saying, “Nasty C is a solidified God in my eyes ALONE on the strength of the walls he’s tryna knock down”.