Busiswa calls out 'The Queen' for portrayal of GBV: Your disconnect from the issue is obvious

24 November 2020 - 15:00 By deepika naidoo
Singer-songwriter Busiswa isn't happy with Georgina 'Gigi' Zulu's storyline on 'The Queen'
Singer-songwriter Busiswa isn't happy with Georgina 'Gigi' Zulu's storyline on 'The Queen'
Image: Instagram/Busiswa Gqulu

MY POWER hitmaker Busiswa has called out The Queen, saying the show was disconnected and uninspired on how its tackles violence against women.

As the fight for an equal society for all genders continues, SA's famous faces have made it a point to enlighten their fans and raise awareness around gender-based violence (GBV).

This week, musician Busiswa opened up the discussion about The Queen's Georgina "Gigi" Zulu, a "slay queen" cop whose  storyline took a dark turn in the latest episode of the show.

The star criticised the way Gigi was portrayed in the series, claiming the story isn't realistic.

“A senior female cop was raped after 'letting go' once: going out and leaving her gun at home. Now other victims in the community are pressuring her to attend their cases personally coz' she 'knows how it feels’ ... HHAYINI #TheQueenMzansi. Whoever wrote this is not a woman or victim,” Busiswa wrote on Twitter.

The SBWL singer said the writers of the show didn't truly engage with the issues that plague society.

“Try to get real stories to incorporate. Your disconnect to the issues is too obvious. No-one is crying or talking or inspired or informed or moved by your storylines on rape and abuse,” said Busiswa.

Busiswa has been candid about her views on gender inequality. Earlier this year she slammed men who try to justify abuse. She also encouraged women to leave relationships at the first sign of abuse.

"Not sure who needs to hear this but know this: Many men will defend abusers to delusional ends. See his side of the story. Try very hard to understand what you did to make him do it. These men are doing the same behind closed doors. From the first slap, leave sis. Joy awaits you," said Busiswa.