Refilwe Modiselle gets candid about the struggles faced by children with albinism

25 November 2020 - 07:00
Model Refilwe Modiselle wants to open doors for children with albinism.
Model Refilwe Modiselle wants to open doors for children with albinism.
Image: Instagram/Refilwe Modiselle

Actress Refilwe Modiselle has spoken out against the daily injustices faced by children with albinism.

Talking from her personal experiences, the star hopes her call to help doesn't fall on deaf ears.

After the model asked her followers on Twitter for help with donating spectacles to children with albinism, Refilwe highlighted how many children are unable to access glasses.

“I pray a brand, optometrist, specialist or manufacturer hears me because it cuts deep when I hear there are kids with albinism struggling in school because of eyesight and with no help or affordability for specs. One mustn't have an education because you can't see or read. No,” Refilwe wrote.

The star said many children with albinism lack a support system. In a reply to a fan who could relate to her struggles, Refilwe reminded us that it is disheartening to see children not being able to learn.

“Not every child with albinism is supported even in school when it comes to ensuring their needs are met. How many children out there are not motivated by school because nobody understands they can't see,” said Refilwe.

The White Gold star has been candid in the past about her journey to love her skin. In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Refilwe spoke up about learning to not let melanin define her blackness.

She said she wishes for a future with less discrimination and for people to be judged on their skills, not how they look. 

“Representation matters and people need to stop marginalising people living with albinism. To say we are not in the shadows, we are people, to not be discriminated against. This industry, in particular, has to do better in terms of not shutting people out because of what they say people will gravitate towards and judge people based on their capabilities.” Refilwe said.