Shona Ferguson says his inner peace comes from 'cutting off people'

27 November 2020 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
Shona Ferguson is protecting his peace by cutting off certain people.
Shona Ferguson is protecting his peace by cutting off certain people.
Image: Tshepo Kekana

Even though being one of Mzansi's power couples means the Fergusons are often subjected to public scrutiny, Shona Ferguson has revealed he's learnt to protect his peace and block negative energy.

In a social media post, Shona lifted the lid on how he's found inner peace by “cutting off” certain people, with his wife Connie Ferguson backing him up saying, “You and I both”.

Sharing a black picture with white bold fonts, Shona wrote, “The level of inner peace I have found is extremely dangerous because anything or anyone that disturbs it, is gone.

“My cut off game is on a 100!” he remarked. 

Last week, the power couple were met with immense criticism when they announced that their highly anticipated series, Kings of Joburg, would be released on Netflix this December. 

Social media users accused them of “recycling” actors. 

Late last year there was a social media storm when veteran actress Vatiswa Ndara shared an open letter which she wrote to sport, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa about what she alleged was the exploitation of actors.

In the letter, Vatiswa made reference to an offer she was made by Ferguson Films, a company run and owned by the media moguls. Fans and people in the industry weighed in with their thoughts, experiences and comments on the matter.