AKA says as a 'girl dad' he's a Peppa pig super fan!

28 November 2020 - 10:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Rapper AKA is proud of being Kairo's 'girl dad'.
Image: AKA/Twitter Rapper AKA is proud of being Kairo's 'girl dad'.

Bhovamania star AKA said he watches Peppa Pig with Kairo and Twitter thinks he should get an award for being the world's #1 dad!

The magic of childhood is being able to enjoy the whimsy of cartoons. But that doesn't stop some of us adults from switching on Cartoon Network and having fun with the little ones.

Dad and rapper AKA took to Twitter to defend his love for cartoons this week.

After a tweep replied to one of his tweets saying that they don't "understand" adults who watch cartoons and wrestling, AKA made sure to clap back to shut down the hate.

“I don’t understand children who speak when they are not spoken to,” tweeted AKA.

It felt as if the internet was laughing at, not with, AKA. Another tweep decided to come for AKA's love for all things wholesome.

A Twitter user asked the star if he watched the children's cartoon TV show Peppa Pig. And parents out there know, of course, that he does. He said that was part of his gig as a dad with a girl child.

“Yeah I watch Peppa Pig ... with my daughter. Dad girl sh*t, what you know about that?” wrote AKA.

AKA has shown his affection for baby Kairo with that father-daughter sort of love.

Just last week the Fela in Versace hitmaker posted a snap of Kairo splashing about in the pool with the pair declaring the beginning of the summer season.

The musician has also shared his parenting moments with his baby girl on the TL. After Kairo quoted the lyrics to Meg Thee Stallion's I'm a savage, the super mega dad was surprised that his 5-year-old even knows the song.

“My lil' baby started singing to me, 'Daddy, I’m a savage' ... classsss ... I said hold up. Do you even know what a 'savage' is? Where did you learn that? You’re not a savage baby. At all,” tweeted AKA. 

Do we smell a Peppa Pig collab in the future?