LOL! Here’s why Lerato K’s bestie called her out for eating chicken

28 November 2020 - 11:00 By deepika naidoo
Lerato Kganyago's bestie wants to convert her to vegetarianism.
Lerato Kganyago's bestie wants to convert her to vegetarianism.
Image: Instagram/Lerato Kganyago

TV presenter Lerato Kganyago said she got food poisoning from eating chicken, but her bestie thinks it could be something much worse.

For some people, giving up meat to "go green" is an attempt to help save the planet from environmental ruin.

However, we all have that friend whose reasons for being vegetarian are confusing, to say the least.

Lerato K, known for her entertaining moments on the TL, shared an update on her health and friendship. After getting food poisoning from chicken, her vegetarian friend said the chicken suffered a gruesome death, which is why she advised Lerato not to eat meat. 

“Told my vegetarian friend I got food poisoning from the chicken I ate yesterday.

Her: 'That chicken got choked by fumes from a truck, then fainted and got hit by a bus, and got run over by the guy on a bicycle. That’s why you shouldn’t eat meat,” Lerato wrote.

This attack on a firm Mzansi fave had Twitter rolling with memes.

Have a look for yourself:

In the past, the star has let her fans know she has a funny bone or two in her. Earlier this year, portraiture artist Rasta painted Lerato and comedian Taka Tina.

As with most of Rasta's work, the painting didn't go down too well. Lerato was not impressed. The star took to Twitter with Taka Tina, saying the painter 'did them dirty'. 

Rasta made an attempt to fix his mistakes but again, the internet wasn't digging Rasta's art style. Lerato caught wind of his second try but, according to her, the painting was worse.

“So, who is the lady on right?” Lerato replied.

Lerato, are you coming for the comedy scene, too?