WATCH | Singer Cici gets real about how she lost her post-partum belly fat

It wasn't only healthy eating and exercise ...

12 December 2020 - 14:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Cici admitted that getting
Image: Instagram/Cici Cici admitted that getting "snatched" after having a baby wasn't easy.

Songstress Cici has never been shy to admit that getting back to her snatched waist after giving birth to her son wasn't easy and she's shared the nitty gritties of her journey back to size 32, from size 38.

Cici explained that a lot of women had been flooding her TL and DMs asking her about how she managed to get back to her pre-baby body.

The young mom said she's finally back to size 32 and shared how that was achieved through fat-dissolving injections and fat freeze procedures. Not just gym and healthy eating.

I’ve been very candid about how I lost baby belly. I did so because I know a lot of women who say they struggled a lot with losing weight especially around the waist. I’ve never been bigger than a size 32 my whole life. But after baby I shot straight to 38. Short story I’m back to size 32 thanks,” she shared.

Cici also shared one of the fat-dissolving injections and fat freeze procedures for her fans to see. You can watch it below:

Earlier this year, the singer explained that she had decided to share her “snap back” journey to shut down all the “Photoshop” comments that have landed on her social media every time she posted pictures looking like a yummy mummy.

The new mommy lost weight so fast that some of her fans have questioned how she “snapped back” so quickly.

Cici took to Instagram to thank her personal trainer and the aesthetic clinic that helped her achieve her progress so far. She also took the time to make it clear to her followers that she wasn't editing her pictures.

“Just wanted to share this really quick. The results are really satisfactory. This is after four sessions of fat freeze and cavitation. Thank you for being hard on me during training to fast track my weight loss.

“So y'all better know I’m not editing those pics. I think I’m almost ready for my sculpting process,” she said.