'Muvhango' actress Azwi Rambuda on how unemployment & rejection led to her acting career

18 December 2020 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
Actress Azwi Rambuda opens up about the blessings of rejection.
Actress Azwi Rambuda opens up about the blessings of rejection.
Image: mrslitelu/ Instagram

While many may view rejection as the “end” of it all, Muvhango actress Azwi Rambuda has opened up about how she used “one door closing” as a blessing for a brighter future.

The actress, who plays Mpho on Muvhango, shared her views of rejection in an emotional post on Instagram where she lifted the lid on a particular season in her life.

Though things may seem to be going great in her life as an actress, Azwi reflected on a time when she was unemployed.

“Today I am reminded of a particular season in my life. Right after graduating I started the process of applying in different companies. I literally was on the brink of giving up when nothing was happening. My neighbour then, came to me and told me that there’s a woman who is hiring close to where he works, said they needed someone urgently.

“The woman owned a small antique store in a quieter area in Fourways. She needed someone to help her in the store with sales and pretty much everything. 'It is not what you studied for but at least will give you a little bit of work experience', thought my neighbour.”

The actress then revealed how she woke up very early excited and hopeful that she would finally have a job.

“I woke up early that day, excited and hopeful. I arrived at the taxi rank before the sun shone. It was pretty dark but I didn’t mind at all, wanted to be first in line. When the taxi was full we left, and boy it was a quick ride.

“I arrived just in time and found her opening the store. She was well dressed, dressed in a purple skirt and floral top, she could have been in her 60s. I told her I heard she’s hiring. She looked at me and didn’t even smile. I, on the other hand, was still hopeful.”

Azwi added that what the woman said to her shattered her hopes of finally being employed.

“She looked at me again and said, 'I can’t hire you!' The hopeful smile I had got wiped off. 'Why?' I enquired. 'No, you can’t work here, I will not do that to you. You won’t get it now, but you will understand it a few years later.'

“She [woman] then said more about how bright my future is.”

With her hopeful bubble now burst, Azwi explained how disappointed she was that the store owner couldn't hire here as she had anticipated.  

“I was so disappointed that I couldn’t even hear what she was saying. Dragged my feet back to the taxi rank feeling so defeated. And a few years later I understood what she meant. I was so glad she rejected me. Many a time we cry when we get rejected. We get so offended that we miss why we are rejected. Today I celebrate rejection.”