AKA exchanges words with tweep over alleged 'non-payment' for his work

22 December 2020 - 12:30 By chrizelda kekana
AKA had to deal with an unhappy "service provider" on the TL.
AKA had to deal with an unhappy "service provider" on the TL.

Rapper and new club Cuba Lounge BLK part-owner AKA had to deal with business woes in full view of the public when a service provider called him out for allegedly not paying for his services.

The rapper had to post receipts and invoices on the TL when a videographer going by the name @Supermandla tagged him and demanded payment for his work.

The guy claimed AKA had used a video he shot and put together to advertise his club, but when it was time to pay, AKA allegedly delegated the responsibility. That's when the guy took to AKA's TL to ask for his money.

AKA took it as an attack on his brand as a public figure and explained he wasn't going to pay him because he wasn't the one who hired him. AKA implied that the person who had hired the videographer “drank” the money meant pay the people he hired.

“Cuba Lounge BLK and AKA have used my work to advertise they beautiful venue but the work hasn’t been paid for. 2020 such is still happening #PayForTheWorkiDid” the guy claimed.

To which AKA replied: “The problem is that the person who was paid to pay you for your work came to the club and racked up a 19k bill. Good luck with that.”

Here is the video for which @Supermandla is demanding payment:

On his own TL, the videographer insisted he had been wronged and expected AKA, as co-owner of the place, to help him get his money.

He told his friends that was the reason he tagged the rapper, so AKA could help him get the money owed to him.

Seeing AKA post receipts and invoices on the TL, the videographer posted screenshots of conversations between him and the man who hired him to do the job at AKA's establishment.

AKA reiterated that the payment in question was never going to come from him, and reprimanded @Supermandla for dragging him into his mess and essentially tarnishing his reputation.

Here are the rest of the tweets from their interaction:

AKA announced his part-ownership of the posh Durban club last week.

The rapper announced he is now part-owner of the club located in the Moses Mabhida Stadium Complex, Durban.

Supa Mega  took to Twitter to give his followers a glimpse of the place by posting visuals and the video in question.

Answering questions from some fans who said he was rude in his dealings with @Supermandla, AKA said he was just “protecting” his reputation.