Mohale trends after Mzansi compares his gifts for Somizi with Vusi Nova’s

Somizi celebrated his 48th birthday and showed off gifts from both Mohale and Vusi Nova

24 December 2020 - 13:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Twitter went gaga comparing Mohale and Vusi's gift to Somizi for his 48th birthday.
Image: Instagram/Somizi x Instagram/Mohale Twitter went gaga comparing Mohale and Vusi's gift to Somizi for his 48th birthday.

Mzansi “IT” couple Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung and husband Mohale and Somizi's bestie Vusi Nova landed on the Twitter trends list on Christmas eve as tweeps compared the gifts Somizi received from the pair and started coming up with creative assumptions about the Mhlongo-Motaungs' marital status.

Somizi celebrated his 48th birthday on Wednesday and showed off gifts he received from his loved ones. However, it was only gifts he received from Mohale and Vusi that caught tweeps' attention and saw the trio trend on Twitter.

Both Mohale and Vusi brought Somizi stunning bouquets of flowers, cakes and balloons for his birthday.

Mohale also added a shopping bag from LV to his pressies, which was fitting because the cake he had made for Somizi had names of all the luxury brands Somizi loves, such as LV, Bentley and Gucci.

Meanwhile, Vusi opted for a simple cream white and gold cake with roses and gold details.

Twitter also went as far as comparing the balloons both men brought Somizi.

The comparison of Somizi's birthday gifts from Mohale and Vusi comes after weeks of tweeps speculating that Vusi and Somizi are more than friends and that there is trouble in paradise between Somizi and Mohale.

Somizi has shut down the rumour mill about his relationship status with Vusi, making it clear that Vusi is one of his best friends and earlier this year he laughed off the “rocky marriage” reports from the tabloids.

However, that didn't stop tweeps from speculating — based on the differences of the gifts — that Somizi's marriage is indeed in trouble and whether oblivious or not, Vusi had something to do with it. They also drew conclusions on the “personality traits” of both Mohale and Vusi from the gifts they saw on SomG's socials.

Here are some of the reactions from the peanut gallery on Twitter.