5 times Anele Mdoda’s 'Kelly Rowland' tweet came back to haunt her in 2020!

29 December 2020 - 08:00 By chrizelda kekana
In 2020 Anele Mdoda continually got dragged for her comments about US star Kelly Rowland.
In 2020 Anele Mdoda continually got dragged for her comments about US star Kelly Rowland.
Image: Instagram/Anele Mdoda

2020 Twitter proved to radio host Anele Mdoda that the internet doesn't forgive or forget easily. The Twitter mob showed this in how they managed to drag the radio presenter for filth each time US singer Kelly Rowland posted something on the TL.

Tweeps reminded Anele every chance they got that they'll never get over her criticism of Kelly's beauty.

Anele made headlines in October of 2019 when she suggested that the Destiny's Child star was not as good looking as many people believed. Anele added that Kelly only “looks amazing with make-up” and shared a picture of Kelly with and without it.

Since then she's had to defend her stance multiple times ...

The beginning of the pattern that sees Anele trend as soon as Kelly posts anything on the socials began as far back as 11 months ago ...

Back in January of 2020, before Covid-19 took over most of our lives ... a popular twelep tweeted his thoughts on how he was still shook over Anele's opinion of Kelly.

That tweet went viral and soon Anele's name was on the Twitter trends list again and it was like we were right-back in 2019. *insert face with palm emoji here*

About 7 months ago, they came for sis once more ...

Another random thirst trap from Kelly, launched the Twitter mob against Anele. Still not understanding or accepting Anele's logic where Kelly's looks are concerned — tweeps called for moghel to apologise.

But Anele was not fazed, in fact she reiterated her unpopular opinion and rubbed the salt and chillies in the wounds of those still hurt by her comment.

“Oh I see that low life is showing that he thinks of me more than I think myself. Beyoncé is prettier. My opinion will never change nor make me go off Twitter as you Twitter bullies like. Smooches aaaaand trend,” Anele said.

A mere month after that, they fetched her once more ...

Back in May of 2020, Anele was minding her own business when she realised that she had landed on the Twitter trends list. Why? Well ... Kelly had posted a hot snap of herself serving sauce and she sizzled so much that tweeps had to ask themselves once more, “what was Anele thinking?!".

Fans remembered how Anele had claimed that Kelly was not as good looking as many people believe, and called on her to apologise for her comments.

Anele wasn't backing down and defended her claims, even telling her critics: “If my opinion shakes you so much please consult your therapist and not me.”

Then again four months ago ...

Beyoncé released Brown Skin Girl and name dropped Kelly in the song to pay tribute to her beauty. That's how Anele found herself on the Twitter trends list on a random Monday back in August as tweeps once again dragged her into a conversation about the US star.

At that point, it had been more than nine months since Anele first faced the social media firing squad for her comments about Kelly, suggesting the American singer was not as good looking as many people believed.

Since then any time Kelly posts a pic living her best life, Anele is mentioned on the TLs and so the trend continued when Kelly shared a snap of herself in Beyoncé's Black Is King.

The most recent attack happened just over a month ago ...

Kelly announced her great news that she was pregnant with her second child in October of this year. The US singer looked radiant and just amazing with her cute baby bump and everyone showered her with congratulatory messages.

Not here at home though, here in Mzansi tweeps were too busy dragging Anele on the TL.

Kelly revealed on the cover of Women’s Health that she is pregnant with her second child in a baby bump photo shoot, all tweeps could think about was ... yep, you guessed it ... Anele!

It didn’t take Mzansi that long to start bringing up the past and get Anele trending.