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Swoogle, unsolicited advice & twars! Sizwe Dhlomo’s 2020 Twitter was LIT

01 January 2021 - 09:00 By chrizelda kekana
Sizwe Dhlomo kept the masses entertained on his TL.
Sizwe Dhlomo kept the masses entertained on his TL.
Image: Lee Warren/Gallo Images

2020 was literally the year that the otherwise “bougie” Sizwe Dhlomo showed Mzansi his other side which is the straight up “phuma silwe Zulu guy” that most people didn't expect - but more than that his TL was always the place to be!

The media personality turned entrepreneur has created a Twitter reputation for himself that has many referring to him as “the know-it-all” dude or the one who thinks he's “always right”. He is as opinionated as they come and is so confident in his knowledge that it rubs off on tweeps as cocky.

Those that have personally met the guy have described him as quiet, some even going as far as to use the term “reserved”. However, on the cyber streets Sizwe is a lot more and a trip down his TL this year will give you all the receipts!

In 2020 alone, Sizwe managed to challenge a troll to a real life fight, take on his nemesis Vusi Thembekwayo in a LOT of twars, all while fighting the Beehive and defending his grandfather's legacy ... among many other things.

Here's a timeline curated just for your entertainment!

1. Drop your location/Phuma silwe stunt!

Let's start all the way at the beginning of the year, when Sizwe kicked off his TL with a bang when he pulled a very unexpected “phuma silwe” stunt that left the streets shook!

Sizwe topped the Twitter trends list when he got into a messy twar with a tweep after he posted a snap of his three-wheeled bike with the caption “baby”. The Twitter user decided to shade Sizwe's choice in rides, saying “esamagwala lesi” (meaning the bike is for cowards), implying that “real” men drive two-wheeled bikes.

Sizwe and the tweep soon had an exchange of words, which escalated to them wanting to physically fight each other. Showing how serious he was about wanting to take the fight to the streets, Sizwe sent his location so they could settle things face to face.  

“I’m at 1 Saxon Road in Hyde Park right now. I’ll wait ...” he wrote dropping his location!

2. The beginning of the 2020 Vusi vs Sizwe twars

Obviously still angry over something, a few hours after the phuma silwe thing, Sizwe was dragging his long time “twar mate” Vusi, for filth.

In what would open the door for many other TL spicy exchanges between the pair, Sizwe continued on their well known beef when he came after Vusi after the motivational speaker shared his leadership tips for success in the corporate world.

Shortly after Vusi posted his lengthy thread meant to motivate budding entrepreneurs, Sizwe shaded his nemesis, saying: “Lol! Mans said interview the company like managers have hours to spare for someone who’s trying to poach their employees.”

Sizwe and Vusi went on to fight it out on the TL a number of times.

There was this twar: Old money, new lies & homophobia!: Inside the Vusi Thembekwayo vs Sizwe Dhlomo twar, then they had this one: Fake qualifications & 33% pass mark logic! Inside Sizwe and Vusi Thembekwayo's latest war of words  and eventually all their fighting lead to: Fans want Sizwe Dhlomo & Vusi Thembekwayo to take their twar to the boxing ring.

3. Sizwe's “sense of style” made him trend

Then there was that time where Sizwe's wardrobe nearly caused a social media shutdown when tweeps launched a memefest to mock his “rich white people” look.

The media personality's name made it onto the trends list after DJ Black Coffee shared a snap of himself, Sizwe and Maps Maponyane on Twitter.

While some were inspired by the picture, saying the three represented black excellence, others decided to take jabs at Sizwe's “farm” outfit.  

4. Covid-19 hit, lockdown and the banning of alcohol hit harder, till Sizwe announced his wine “give away competition”

The ban of the sale and distribution of alcohol had been in place for nearly two months, as part of the government's lockdown regulations, when Sizwe tweeted that he was giving away 400 bottles of wine.

Needless to say it didn't take long for his followers to flock to the comments with hilarious responses with hopes to score a bottle, or two, or six. It's also possible that he was joking but some were taking his word for it and were more than willing to pass on their home address for that special delivery from Siz.

5. Sizwe made AKA — yes the rapper AKA — issue a public apology to his family!

2020 gifted Mzansi with a #AKAvsSizwe twar. The twar obvs spiralled out of control and saw AKA drag Sizwe's grandpa, who many found out through the twar was a respected businessman who played a role in the fight for SA's liberation from apartheid.

Sizwe had to set the record straight about his grandfather's legacy after AKA tried to drag his reputation through the mud during the #AKAvsSizwe twar.

The spicy exchange of words between rapper AKA and Sizwe had dominated the TL all week back in May. It all began when AKA had a public meltdown over his deal with Reebok that turned sour and the “all-knowing” Sizwe made a comment on Twitter about how AKA was a talented artist but not a good businessman.

Anyway after the hectic back and forth that saw the likes of Cassper, Riky Rick and even minister of arts Nathi Mthethwa get involved, AKA issued a public apology.

7. Sizwe gets a radio gig at Kaya FM

Sizwe announced in July that he had secured a gig as the radio host of the Kaya FM's afternoon drive show.

Tweeps and industry mates alike were excited for the guy and flooded his TL with congratulatory messages.

In the past, Sizwe hosted a number of shows including Live, a music show on SABC 1, Kfm's Night Talk, and just last year he was one of the presenters on Newzroom Afrika’s morning show.

In a statement issued by Kaya FM one month ago, Sizwe said he was excited to join the station.

“I am very excited to be joining the Kaya FM family!” he said.

8. Then it was Sizwe vs Beehive after the guy claimed that “even Beyoncé doesn’t own her masters”

Sizwe endured online heat after he weighed in on Kanye West’s rant about artists owning their masters by claiming that Beyoncé Knowles-Carter only owns half her masters.

It all began when Kanye aired his battle with his record label, showing receipts that they were refusing to tell him how much his masters cost because they know he can afford to buy them back.

Tweeps lost their minds when Sizwe made the claim about Bey and tweeps from all over the globe, who thought they knew something about the matter, tried to debate with Sizwe. But anyone who knows Sizwe knows that the guy doesn't back down ... and he didn't!

Sizwe brought receipt but all tweeps could think was:

9. Sizwe reminded folks that he's single — as far as home affairs knows — and he shot his shot with Rihanna!

Social media became a bit chaotic one random Monday in September, after Sizwe took his shot with US music mogul Rihanna.

Siz couldn't hold back his crush on Rihanna when she posted a snap of the new Fenty Skin line mini-sets, while wearing a lacy Savage X Fenty bra. The Kaya FM radio host used the opportunity to shoot his shot at the Diamonds hitmaker.

The attempt smoked the internet up, resulting in Sizwe deleting his posts.

In one of the deleted posts, Sizwe said Rihanna might see his posts since they are both verified. This after a Twitter used pointed that he was shooting an aimless shot.

“I’m telling you she will. She won’t respond but she’ll definitely see it. Verified tweets go into a different filtered timeline. You get the option available to you once your account gets verified,” he said.

10. Twitter questioned the “true” source of Sizwe's wealth

Sizwe had to dismiss claims that he's managed to stay at the top of his game in the industry for the past 15 years due to being “well-connected”.  

In a conversation on Twitter, Sizwe came at a tweep who asked how he managed to “get so much land”, adding that maybe the radio host had connections.

In a series of now deleted tweets, Sizwe clapped back, asking what he meant by “connections” as he's been grinding for 15 years.  

Siz started his career in the industry in 2005 as the host of MTV Base after he took part in the talent search contest and emerged the winner. He then became the VJ for the launch of MTV Base’s World Chart Express.

He explained he bought his first house with the money from hosting MTV Base and his second house and multiple businesses he acquired with the money he received from his YFM, LIVEAmp and DJing days.

Sizwe screenshot.
Sizwe screenshot.
Image: Twitter

11. Parent Twitter came for Sizwe after he said “there's no good reason to have children”

Sizwe caused chaos on the TL the other day when he said there's no good reason to have children. The TL pot-stirrer had his name on everyone's tongues when he aired his views on having children.

Sizwe said he firmly believes that being a parent isn't a necessary part of life. He clarified his views, saying that having mini-mes running around is a want rather than a need.

“If we’re being honest, there’s no good reason to have a child. I’m not saying it’s wrong or shouldn’t be done, kodwa ayikho i-need. Waar!” Sizwe said.

Mzansi didn't take too kindly to his comments, with many saying that he was going to miss out on the joys of having a family.

12. Sizwe the political “commentator”

Sizwe weighed in on concerns around President Cyril Ramaphosa's health, saying the president is looking “super sick”.

Messages of strength and well wishes had filled social media after minister in the presidency Jackson Mthembu said Ramaphosa was “really sick” and “in blankets”. Ramaphosa's acting spokesperson Tyrone Seale downplayed the severity of the president's condition, saying he was simply recovering from a common cold.

The president addressed the UN General Assembly in a pre-recorded message on Tuesday, and many felt he looked “sick” and “worn out”.

Radio personality Sizwe took to Twitter to share his thoughts after seeing the president.

“Damn! President Cyril Ramaphosa looks super sick, hey?” he told his followers.

And, after the US elections, he had a word about Donald Trump that a lot of people resonated with.

There were many other times Sizwe's TL kept all of us busy in 2020 but this article is already too long, just check the related stories below!