'Covid-19 is real': Nathi Mankayi opens up about losing both parents, while Zodwa Wabantu mourns aunt

04 January 2021 - 14:00
By Masego Seemela
Zodwa Wabantu is mourning her aunt who passed away from Covid-19.
Image: Instagram/Zodwa Wabantu Zodwa Wabantu is mourning her aunt who passed away from Covid-19.

Award-winning singer Nathi Mankayi has pleaded with South Africans to take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously after both his parents succumbed to the virus.

Meanwhile socialite Zodwa Wabantu was left heartbroken after losing her aunt on Monday morning. 

With the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases in SA, the two celebrities shared their experiences of loss. 

In a recent interview with City Press, Nathi said, “It [Covid-19] is really strong and people should take care of themselves in these times - it is dangerous and it is here.

“It's a terrible thing to see someone [who] was full of life [getting] sick and then dying from this Covid-19.”

He also spoke about his mother's last days.

“We were called in the morning and told she was shaking and she was having difficulty breathing. This was at maybe 7am and, around 10am, we got another call saying she was gone. You see how short the time was?”

During a birthday shoutout to himself on social media in December, Nathi said he lost both his parents in a matter of weeks.

“Kweziveki zimbini zidlulileyo I lost my dearest mother and father in a matter of days and experienced the darkest days of my life.

“I felt and still feel pain in ways that I cannot put into words. With that said, today I celebrate my first birthday without them in my life. Today I dedicate my birthday day to celebrate them! Lalani ngoxolo mama no tata.” 

With Nathi still mourning the deaths of his parents, an emotional Zodwa took to Instagram on Monday morning to share a video of herself bursting into tears after losing her aunt to Covid-19. 

“My aunt has passed away. Today you are happy, tomorrow you are sad. Alive today and tomorrow you are dead. Covid-19 is real!”