LOL! DJ Zinhle roasts her own cooking skills, and the internet is a mess

04 January 2021 - 13:00 By deepika naidoo
DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi are bestie goals together.
DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi are bestie goals together.
Image: DJ Zinhle via Instagram

Indlovu hitmaker DJ Zinhle took to Twitter to remind bestie Pearl Thusi that her cooking skills needs “no lessons”, and the internet was in stitches!

The sisters for life have shown us the true meaning of friendship over the past few years. Though most of their interactions are wholesome, sometimes fans are treated to a LOL-worthy moment!

With all the love pouring in for Zinhle on her birthday recently, bestie Pearl showed her appreciation for her BFF with a series of videos posted to Twitter.

And the love for all things DJ Zinhle didn't stop there! Pearl also asked her devoted Twitter followers to guess what present she was getting the musician on her big day.

However, Zinhle already knew what she didn't want from her girlfriend.

“It better not be cooking lessons,” said DJ Zinhle, with the covering eyes emoji.

Tweeps were LOL-ing at DJ Zinhle's response, with many amused at how Zinle had revealed that she is no Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen.

Check out the responses below, including from Pearl who had a couple of laugh emojis for her dear friend.

The pair often speak about their strong bond and in an episode of Dinner at Somizi's last year Zinhle said that in the cold, harsh world of the entertainment industry, they had found solace in each other.

“We are in an industry where we have not experienced a sisterhood, so when we found each other — or when she found me — we just couldn't believe what we have, a friendship that is actually real,” Zinhle said.