WATCH | Rasta’s painting of Khanyi Mbau leaves her in stitches

04 January 2021 - 14:00 By deepika naidoo
'Ubusuku Bonke' hitmaker Khanyi Mbau loves her Rasta portrait.
'Ubusuku Bonke' hitmaker Khanyi Mbau loves her Rasta portrait.
Image: Khanyi Mbau via Instagram.

Socialite Khanyi Mbau was finally painted by TL-infamous Rasta the Artist, and her reaction is definitely one for the books!

The Ubusuku Bonke hitmaker was gifted the portrait by Rasta himself at the Mzansi Kwaito House Music Awards hosted by Khanyi.

The awards event featured music powerhouses Soulful G, Trompies and Nokwazi Dlamini.

In a video posted to Twitter, the star was seen literally LOL-ing at the painting.

The portrait depicted the actress in true Rasta fashion, and Khanyi thanked the artist for his efforts to capture her "Khanyi-ness".

“Guys, Rasta drew me!” captioned the star.

Rasta posted his latest piece on Twitter, adding that he felt blessed to be a part of the awards ceremony.

Though it seems Khanyi was living for Rasta's artistry, the internet rolled in with their typical reactions to his work. 

As usual, many criticised the artist's skills, wondering whether the painting was even of Khanyi.

Many questioned how the social media mogul could accept the portrait that definitely didn't score a 10/10 from art critics!

“The only thing he did right is the complexion,” tweeted one user.

Here are some of the tweeps' reactions:

Finally a happy customer!

We are glad to see the haters didn't get you down, Rasta.