DBN Gogo catches heat for comments on SA being shut down, not just groove

07 January 2021 - 12:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Twitter wasn't on board with DBN Gogo's thoughts on groove!
Image: Austin Malema Twitter wasn't on board with DBN Gogo's thoughts on groove!

Dakiwe hitmaker DBN Gogo has come under fire on Twitter for questioning why only grooves and the sale of alcohol have been shut down, instead of the entire country.

As Covid-19 cases continue to rapidly soar, last week President Cyril Ramaphosa placed the country on level 3 lockdown with stricter restrictions.

Since then, and as the number of infections increases daily, conversations around Covid have dominated social media. 

DBN Gogo took to Twitter to question why groove had been shut down and not other social gatherings.

It all transpired after the Thokoza Café artist asked (in a now-deleted tweet) why couldn't the entire country be on pause and not just booze and the jol.

After a tweep was like "???", DBN Gogo explained that she was asking for a simple answer to her simple question.

“It’s a simple question. If social gatherings are the issue, why have they not all been closed? When groove and alcohol were shut. Why wasn’t it all shut?," asked DBN Gogo.

The Twitter user then proceeded to explain that the combination of alcohol and partying can lead to an event being a super-spreader of the virus. 

However, the star lambasted the government, claiming that it was not truly dealing with the issues head-on.

“But was the first lockdown not implemented to prepare for worst-case scenario? That’s literally why we shut down hard and early. My problem is gov not actually dealing with this. But finding scapegoats,” she tweeted.

DBN Gogo also went on to highlight that even though South Africans have a social responsibility to keep society safe, there are more complex matters at hand when it comes the coronavirus.

“Definitely social responsibility, but we all know and see that we are not a responsible nation. If people didn’t listen then, why would they listen now? It’s just convenient to blame it on two things when it’s just not that simple,” she wrote.

While some fans rallied around DBN Gogo, the majority hauled her over the coals for her opinion.

Here are some responses from tweeps: