Cassper reveals why he is all-too ready to fight AKA!

08 January 2021 - 15:00
By deepika naidoo AND Deepika Naidoo
Cassper vs AKA: Is this match really going to happen?
Image: Instagram/AKA/Cassper Nyovest Cassper vs AKA: Is this match really going to happen?

AMN star Cassper Nyovest has declared that he's ready for AKA to feel his wrath after years of beef building to their highly-anticipated boxing match.

In this week's episode of “AKA vs Cassper Nyovest: The Pregame”, Cassper has called out AKA for apparently not signing the contract for the fight.

Last year, AKA explained in a tweet that he would have to pay 500k if he couldn't find an investor.

And it seems like matters might have been settled and AKA was reportedly ready to whip out his pen and finally sign the contract. However, Cassper wasn't buying that AKA was ready to fight him.

The Nokuthula hitmaker said he'll believe it when he sees it.

And in a “shocking” turn of events, AKA deleted his tweet about the contract, which prompted Cassper to call the star out for being “all talk” and “no action”.

“What did I say? Tweet deleted, tail tucked back into the ndono. All talk!!! No action!!! He wants to start fights at clubs and damage my brand that I worked hard to build so we can both suffer at the bottom. I'm not into that. Let's get in the ring, no bodyguards to save you,” he tweeted.

After the interaction, a fan asked why the two rap giants are fighting anyway, even though it won't really solve their epic, ongoing beef.

Cassper revealed that this match was to unleash his wrath on the star for his comments about Cassper's parents and even his girlfriend.

“It's not gonna solve anything. That guy swore at my parents and I had to take a high role as always. I need to see him, he needs to feel my wrath. I won't do it in the streets cause it'll damage my brand. I need to see him in the ring. I will never get over him swearing my queen,” Cassper said.

The reluctance to fight Cassper comes as a surprise. While the Doc Shebeleza star was explaining his side to fans, AKA was on his TL advocating against violence given the current political climate in the US.

“WE MUST learn to settle our differences without violence ... and be role models for the next generation,” said AKA.

Is the match really going to happen? We will find out in next week's TL smackdown.