'White privilege' and expensive couches: Inside Siv Ngesi & Sentletse’s spicy Twitter exchange

08 January 2021 - 13:00
Siv Ngesi hit back at Sentletse Diakanyo's insult.
Siv Ngesi hit back at Sentletse Diakanyo's insult.
Image: Siv Ngesi/ Instagram

Actor Siv Ngesi and furniture businessman Sentletse Diakanyo had the TL hot this week after they traded verbal blows on Twitter.

It all started when Siv weighed in on protesters supporting President Donald Trump  storming the US Capitol on Wednesday.

According to the BBC, four people died in the violence. It reported a woman was shot dead by police and three others died of “medical emergencies”.

Lawmakers were meeting inside the building to formally certify Joe Biden's victory over Trump in last year's presidential election, a result disputed by Trump and his supporters.

Taking to Twitter, Siv wrote: “If you don’t believe in white privilege after what you just saw in America, you can f**k off!”

His comments drew sharp debate.

Sentletse responded: “People like Siv can’t complain about white privilege. Their nasal twang gives them at least 10% white privilege.”

Siv hit back, saying Sentletse was upset because he wouldn't buy his furniture.

“You’re upset because I didn’t get one of your overpriced couches,” Siv said, finishing his clap back with a swear word aimed at the businessman.

He also hit back at claims he would scare away his “white sponsors” with his comments.

“Then they weren’t made for me! They can f**k off themselves!” he said.