'Don't be lazy' - Stogie T tells up-and-coming rappers not to settle for half-baked lines

09 January 2021 - 10:00 By kyle zeeman
Stogie T took fans to church with his sermon.
Stogie T took fans to church with his sermon.
Image: Via Tumi's Instagram

Veteran musician Tumi "Stogie T" Molekane is one of the finest rappers in the country, dropping stronger bars than a prison gate, and wants to share some of his knowledge with the next gen.

Tumi has never been scared to speak his mind and recently took to social media to warn up-and-coming musicians about releasing music that is half-baked.

Don’t be lazy. If the line or verse doesn’t feel right, rewrite it, rethink it. Trust that there is a better line in you. That trust is called confidence.”

The muso said it was more important to finish the job than to leave it half done and hope for the best.

“Don’t settle for the half thought line, or the semi-dope line. Finish it.” 

The advice is part of his Verse A Day series, which is aimed at dropping nuggets of wisdom on the socials for young talent to learn from.

“If you start today, you can write a verse a day. It doesn’t have to be a special verse or nothing, just write. Also, this applies for any disciple who isn’t mcing,” he told fans on New Year's Day.

He also preached the virtues of visualising the verse before you write it.

“Take a moment to properly consider and visualise what your verse will sound like at the end. Map it out in your mind. Not the concept just seeing how it might pan out. Bumping a beat helps.”

It wasn't just musos who were getting sermons.

Stogie also had advice for those who were looking to date rappers, telling them to first make sure their bae is actually a rapper.