OPINION | Never the celebrity, just a true thespian - Farewell Lindiwe Ndlovu

12 January 2021 - 14:00
Blackbrain Pictures have described the late Lindiwe Ndlovu as "one of the most remarkable actors" they have ever worked with.
Blackbrain Pictures have described the late Lindiwe Ndlovu as "one of the most remarkable actors" they have ever worked with.
Image: Instagram/Blackbrain Pictures

The arts industry suffered a tremendous loss on Monday, and as Mzansi and the industry mourns the loss of award-winning actress Lindiwe Ndlovu, what has stuck out for me is how it is mostly her work that is doing all the talking, even in death.

Lindiwe's agent, Lynne Higgins of Gaenor Artiste Management, confirmed to TshisaLIVE on Monday evening that the star had died in her sleep due to health complications, aged 45.

Mzansi knew and loved Lindiwe, but not really the woman behind the characters. The actress was an enigma to many and even though her career spanned more than 17 years, Lindiwe never fully embraced the fame that came with her talent.

The actress rarely did interviews and when she did, she opened up about her background and her acting origins at most. Lindiwe only gave her fans the basics about her life outside acting, but perhaps it was what her talent demanded.

I imagine when your works speaks so highly of you and does that so loudly, fame has no choice but to chase after you and not the other way around.

Because of that, the country finds itself learning towards the pieces of herself she gave in her acting.

While us fans may not know — fully — the kind of person she was behind the scenes, we know for a fact we believed in every role she brought to life.

Never the typecast kind of actress, Mzansi watched with interest as Lindiwe effortlessly played the starring role of Sponono in Mzansi Magic's soap opera Zabalaza. Sponono was a hardened woman criminal who had spent 10 years in jail for murdering a man who tried to rape Gasta in the story.

Lindiwe gave an equally convincing performance as comical domestic help from Malawi, whose name was Buseje, in Ses'Top La.

From comedy to drama and everything in between, Lindiwe had the game of “make-believe” in the palm of her hands. Whatever role she played, she slayed.

The people who had the pleasure of working with her have had nothing but the kindest words to say about her. Most have expressed sadness and heartbreak for her family and  friends.

Even her colleagues had to take off their hats to Lindiwe's talent. In almost all condolence messages shared by her colleagues, they applauded her extraordinary talent.

Lindiwe may have not been a celebrity per se, but she was most definitely a true artist and that is why her work will continue to speak to her greatness, even in death.