Pearl Modiadie devastated after her aunt dies from 'a broken heart'

12 January 2021 - 10:00 By Masego Seemela
Pearl Modiadie is heartbroken after losing her aunt.
Pearl Modiadie is heartbroken after losing her aunt.
Image: Twitter/Pearl Modiadie

Media personality Pearl Modiadie has opened up about recently losing an aunt who died of “a broken heart” after burying her husband.  

Pearl took to Twitter to speak about how her aunt buried her husband two weeks ago and a week later, she died.

She also revealed that her aunt's death was hard for her family to comprehend as they lost two people around the same time.

“Her heart was broken and the reality of him no longer being here was too much for her to come to terms with. It’s a difficult time for everyone at the moment, in one way or another. Be kind.”

In May 2019, Pearl shared how every year around the anniversary of her mother, who died years ago, she found it to be a particularly difficult time.

Though her mom died a few years ago, Pearl revealed that the emotions of that day came flooding back like it was yesterday.

She took to Instagram to share her pain with a snap of her mother. “I'm sad today. I'm very sad today. It's the 9th of May and this day will forever take me back to the moment I lost my mother.”

She recounted how she had fed her mother on the morning of her death and remembered how she kept asking Pearl for the time.

“That should've been the biggest sign that she was preparing to take her last breath, but we didn’t think much of it because she had made such great progress since leaving the hospital. The time she was asking about eventually came and took her away. It was time. I remember laying on her chest having convinced myself that she was only sleeping, that she'd wake up. She didn't wake up and every year we remember her on this day.”