Mihlali Ndamase calls out rude folks: 'You can get a point across without being rude'

17 January 2021 - 10:00 By Masego Seemela
Mihlali Ndamase is not all about the rudeness on the TL.
Mihlali Ndamase is not all about the rudeness on the TL.
Image: Mihlali N via Instagram

If she's not calling South African parents out on their narrative that “celebrities are role models”, YouTube sensation Mihlali Ndamase is outchea telling rude people to take several seats because no-one is here for their BS. 

The social media influencer had tongues wagging on Twitter after she called out people for their rude behaviour on the TL, especially those who go around thinking they know everything. 

In a tweet that left many stanning, Mihlali expressed how the importance of “learning how to communicate effectively without being mean and condescending” was such a good trait to have as a person. 

She also highlighted that you can be firm, stand your ground, get your point across and call someone out without being rude. 

This is not the first time Mihlali found herself having to call people to order.

In December, the make-up specialist found herself hitting back at parents who were expecting celebs to be role models for their children.

While a lot of young people look up to famous people and sometimes copy their lifestyles, the influencer told black parents to stop putting unnecessary pressure on celebs and rather take full accountability for their children's behaviour.

Mihlali's gatvol revelation comes after a young Twitter exchange with a tweep who criticised her for tweeting that she believed in a man more than she believed in herself.

With the tweep calling out Mihlali for being a “bad” role model to the younger generation, the YouTube sensation hit back, saying, “Khayophangela”, simply telling the tweep to “Go to work”, as she felt her initial tweet was nothing but her being sarcastic.

As her clap back sparked a conversation about why parents expect a lot from celebs, Mihlali then fired another shot, saying parents who do that don’t give their children enough to look up to.

“Then you come on the internet and police people’s behaviour so they can do your job for you,” Mihlali, said while reiterating that people who get pressed over her tweets are nothing but “dumb”.