Penny Lebyane on why she doesn’t post her daughter on social media

“l won't post my daughter on here ... its cute now but people sleep with their friend's daughters and its normal. This place is dangerous.”

19 January 2021 - 11:00
By Masego Seemela
Penny Lebyane believes social media is a dangerous place for her daughter.
Image: Instagram/Penny Lebyane Penny Lebyane believes social media is a dangerous place for her daughter.

Radio personality Penny Lebyane has made a decision not to post pictures of her daughter on social media, which she believes is a “dangerous place”. 

The media personality shared her views on Twitter where she explained that keeping her daughter off social media was to protect her. 

With a stance that children must be protected at all costs, Penny touched on a story she was told by someone who revealed that he's never dated anyone who has never been sexually assaulted. “If not as a child, it was high school a or university. It hurts me further. Healing is needed,” she revealed.

While she strives by all means to protect her loved ones from the public eye, in August last year Penny opened up about finally finding her voice and showing the world her true self.

The outspoken radio personality told True Love she made a conscious effort to suppress her truth but sometimes couldn't bring herself to overlook certain things.

She said her time as host on e.TV's Sunrise helped build her confidence and get over the opinions of others.

“I had to get over my own fear of the opinions people held about me. I had closed up, so I had to learn to trust my voice again and not think 'If I speak my mind this person's going to reject me and I won't get the job'.”

She also opened up on Twitter about the challenges of the entertainment industry and vowed not to keep quiet or try to impress people.

I’ve buried too many people to keep quiet and, personally, I spent 10 days in a psychiatric ward because of the entertainment industry BS, especially #BlackRadio to suck my thumb [and] bury my head.”