Pebetsi Matlaila opens up about how being 'preggy during a pandemic' has humbled her

22 January 2021 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
Pebetsi Matlaila speaks out on pregnant during a pandemic.
Pebetsi Matlaila speaks out on pregnant during a pandemic.
Image: Instagram/Pebetsi Matlaila

Actress Pebetsi Matlaila has spoken out about trying to stay positive as a pregnant woman during a pandemic.

Just a couple of months after tying the knot, the glowing Skeem Saam actress announced earlier this week that she and hubby were expecting a baby.

Pebetsi said that being pregnant during a pandemic has been a constant worry for her.

She added that even though she's not the “scared or superstitious type”, life under the “new normal” has forced her to play it safe when it comes to making sure she has a smooth pregnancy.

“I've always been the brave and bold kind. Not superstitious, not afraid of much, no phobias or fears of any specific kind. Mo-Riski with a casual random need for adrenaline ... However of late, our current living restrictions (being a Preggy during a Pandemic) forces one to play it safe.”

In May, the Skeem Saam actress candidly opened up about the effects of the national lockdown on her life, surviving without alcohol and all the other things she's learnt about herself.

In a video she shared on Instagram Pebetsi said, “I now drink water from my champagne glass. Now, we get drunk on water because I have managed to convince my mind that I do not need a volume or a percentage (of alcohol) in a drink to feel happy,” she said.

Pebetsi shared she's given up on making herself “pretty” each day with make-up and her dress code is now somewhere between semi bedtime and loungewear.

“The people I've been quarantined with are done with me. They've had enough of me. Because I have since realised a few things about myself, I did not know ... apparently I am quite a handful of a person to deal with.”