LOL! The net can’t get over Prince Kaybee's phone 'on the rocks'

24 January 2021 - 08:00
DJ Prince Kaybee and radio personality Zola Mhlongo are in love.
DJ Prince Kaybee and radio personality Zola Mhlongo are in love.
Image: YouTube/Screenshot

The net can’t decide whether to stan or to slam Prince Kaybee, who found a sneaky way to show off his bae — who is the screensaver on his phone — and show his fans his phone is waterproof.

The DJ, who is known to be a bit of a TL over-sharer at times, took to Twitter on Sunday to show off how much in love he is.

Posting a picture of his phone in a metal bucket of ice, usually meant to keep the bevs cold, Prince Kaybee had his phone “chilling” on a “bed of rocks”. He captioned the picture to imply he was sharing the snap to show his followers Zola has “taken over his phone”.

Women take over everything, even your own Home Screen. Anyway let me put it on ice, it’s a hot Sunday. Enjoy yours,” he wrote.

Tweeps took the opportunity to LOL at the DJ, who they have concluded loves to flex.

Check out some of their reactions to his post below:

Certainly head over heels in love, Kaybee and Zola recently revealed they’ve been seeing each other for a little over a year when they wore their hearts on their sleeves on the YouTube show Defining Love.

Prince said he had social media to thank for “connecting” him with Zola, who he first saw on the TL and then later slid into her DMs. The pair then moved to proper “get to know you” conversations, and Prince Kaybee eventually became the resident DJ on her radio show.

After Prince Kaybee finally gathered the courage to tell Zola to stop “ignoring” the feelings she had for him, they started dating. Prince Kaybee also revealed he said “I love you” first,  and the rest is history.

“I don’t wanna lie, I have to give it to you, you made it very easy for me to be myself, hence making you part of my life was very easy,” he said.

Zola opened her heart when she read a “love letter” to Kaybee, telling him how much she loves and trusts him.