AKA reassures fans that he doesn’t break the alcohol ban

“Now where would I get wine during lockdown? Honestly. I am a law-abiding citizen.”

26 January 2021 - 14:00
By Masego Seemela
AKA is not about breaking the alcohol ban.
Image: AKA/Twitter AKA is not about breaking the alcohol ban.

Rapper AKA has reassured his fans that he is indeed a “law-abiding citizen” who tries by all means to uphold the rules of the national lockdown — especially the alcohol ban.

The rapper's revelation comes after a tweep accused him of drinking wine “during a whole lockdown” in a video he shared on Twitter. In the video, Supa Mega can be seen holding a glass of what he claims was “100% apple juice” while singing a song about one of his favourite Premier League soccer players.

While looking pretty happy in his Manchester United jersey, AKA soon got tweeps guessing what was really inside the glass he was holding.

Though he answered a tweep that he was drinking apple juice, one brave tweep responded saying it looked like the rapper was sipping white wine

The rapper then quickly set the record straight and rhetorically asked the tweep where he'd get wine seeing that there was a national lockdown. He claimed he was a true “law abiding citizen” who doesn't break any restriction rules.

Though he can't buy any alcohol or sell any of his Cruz beverage, in June last year, AKA shared his frustrations about the first alcohol ban in a series of tweets.

The rapper claimed the government was using alcohol as a “scapegoat” for the lack of preparation on its part and that while lives were important, alcohol needed to be regulated not banned.

“Alcohol is simply the scapegoat here for bad planning in terms of infrastructure to handle the pandemic.

“No doubt lives are important. What about livelihoods? The alcohol industry employs so many people and is so large that it makes up 4.4% of the GDP (look it up, it’s a FACT). You cannot simply switch that off without a plan and without warning.”

The Fela in Versace hitmaker said the way he saw it, the decision to ban alcohol would just strengthen the illegal, underground market and when that thrives they will suffer because “you can't tax what you can't regulate”.

All that’s going to happen is that alcohol will go underground and organised crime will be the biggest winner. As we have seen with cigarettes. The Treasury collects zero. Jobs are going to be lost on a massive scale.

“There is definitely a harmful side to alcohol abuse, no question about that. My question to you is: what are the effects of losing close to a million jobs?”