Let it go! AKA slams tweep bringing up 'old' beef with Burna Boy

27 January 2021 - 14:00 By deepika naidoo
AKA wants fans to leave the past in the past!
AKA wants fans to leave the past in the past!

Rapper AKA hit back at a tweep who brought up his historic beef with singer Burna Boy, implying the tweep should let bygones be bygones.

In a Q and A sesh with the Supa Mega, a tweep asked AKA if there was still beef between the two.

However, the star didn't want to entertain the chat. He joked about the old fight and had just one thing for fans to remember: It's all in the past.

“2019 just called and said they need their tweet back” responded AKA. 

In case you need a reminder of what happened between the pair...

Back in 2019, AKA called out Burna Boy and asked for an apology. This after the the Nigerian star had urged black foreigners in SA to protect themselves against the xenophobic attacks and discrimination rampant in the country at the time. He even took a jab at AKA in a now-deleted tweet, telling him to "beef up" his security.

Though he was set to perform in SA, Burna vowed to never set foot in the county until the government “wakes the f*ck up and really performs a miracle” when it comes to xenophobia.

AKA hit back on Twitter, asking the On The Low hitmaker to apologise for his comments about SA.

Ek se, Burna Boy. All we want is an apology. We know SA is not perfect, but we took you in as our own before you reached these levels. You say you are an African giant. Prove it,” he wrote.

Though he said wasn't going to apologise, Burna said he was willing to bury the hatchet to put an end to the "division" between them.

It seems fans are fishing for fights since AKA's last interaction with future sparring partner Cassper.

The beef that had the SA hip-hop community gripped has been put on pause, awaiting a fight that may never happen.

Cassper recently announced the match may be postponed indefinitely. Taking to Twitter, the star said  he was looking forward to the fight. 

"I kinda knew we would never come to an agreement with the business cause of egos and too many heads but I had a lil' hope tit would happen," wrote Cassper.

AKA explained why the match isn't happening. On an episode of Trending SA, AKA said there is no match because there was a failure to agree on the business side of things from both parties.