Woah! AKA alludes to splurging R62k on Montblanc pen and notebook

27 January 2021 - 13:53 By Masego Seemela
AKA paid big money for a pen and notebook.
AKA paid big money for a pen and notebook.
Image: Instagram/AKA

Rapper AKA sent social media users into a frenzy after claiming to have forked out R62k for a Limited Edition Walt Disney Mont Blanc pen and notebook as a birthday gift to himself.

According to Montblanc's website, the limited edition pens range from R14 300 to R18 300, while the notebook was listed for $95 on the Montblanc international website, which equates to about R1,443.  

While many tweeps claimed they don't understand his bizarre expensive taste, Supa Mega explained he was into “buying weird things these days”. 

In a conversation with a tweep who thought his pen and notebook cost him 15k, AKA set him straight and said he copped the two items for R62k. 

He then shared a video in which he flexed his Montblanc items hard.

“Of course now, you got the Mickey Mouse now, the Walt Disney Montblanc. It's not like you can write on an exam pad, you feel me, you gotta get that made in Italy Amatruda,  you know what I'm saying? This is now regular paper , you see me fam? It's a top boy paper!”

It being no regular pen and paper, AKA told his fans the first thing he was writing with and on them was a letter to God, and asked his followers for a powerful Bible verse he could use to end off.

After a few Bible verse suggestions, AKA finally chose Deuteronomy 31:6 proposed by a tweep.

Here are some of the reactions to AKA's expensive purchase: