LOL! Mihlali Ndamase goes viral after modelling mishap

Tweeps stan a funny queen!

30 January 2021 - 12:00 By deepika naidoo
Influencer and make-up artist Mihlali Ndamase had the TL in tears this week!
Influencer and make-up artist Mihlali Ndamase had the TL in tears this week!
Image: Instagram/Mihlali Ndamase

YouTube sensation Mihlali Ndamase had Twitter users in stitches after her wardrobe malfunction went viral.

Mihlali N is the queen of all things beauty. There is doubt about that. However, it seems the star also has a funny side that fans can't get enough of.

It started when Mihlali posted a video of herself doing her usual runway walk. The star was looking hot as ever in a black and brown leather outfit until her foot slipped and she almost fell over. The blooper ends off with Mihlali laughing.

β€œContent is gonna kill us,” she wrote with crying and laugh emojis.

Watch the video:

The make up artist followed up her tweets with reassurance that she didn't get hurt falling, but one of her stilettos didn't make it out alive.

Fans were in stitches over the video.

As it goes on the internet, Mihlali memes popped up all over the TL. It seems as if beauty Twitter was totally on board for their leadership to be today's meme.

The memes also involved remixes of the video to popular music, leading to a thread of Mihlali's best moment!

Check out their reactions below:

Though she is known for serving looks and turning heads, the media personality has had her fair share of hilarious moments.

Just last week the star and bestie comedian Lasizwe took part in the viral #JunebugChallenge.

The video of the pair dancing to Spotem Gottem's Beat Box had Twitter fully within the laughs.

Watch it here: