WATCH | Kairo drew AKA a super cute card on her first day of 'big' school

31 January 2021 - 08:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
AKA and  DJ Zinhle's daughter Kairo Owethu Forbes has a huge fan base.
Image: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu AKA and DJ Zinhle's daughter Kairo Owethu Forbes has a huge fan base.

AKA and DJ Zinhle's daughter Kairo Forbes  is one of the cutest kids in Mzansi celebville and her “steal your daddy's spotlight” moment proved how adorable she is!

The five-year-old recently “hijacked” her father's Trending SA interview in what they had dubbed  #TSAMegaMania. AKA was speaking all things megacy from business to the reaction to his latest EP.

As usual he started by shrugging off haters' opinions.

“I've had times when I put out a project and when it came out people said ' this is garbage'. Then five years later they like 'this is a classic album'. I think anything that is different — like nothing ventured nothing gained — you have to really push yourself and step out of the box. Sometimes when you are a little bit ahead, you have to wait for people to catch up,” the rapper said.

He went on to speak about life, love and fatherhood. However, just as he was about to elaborate on his fatherhood journey, Kairo popped up on screen and stole the show with her unrelenting cuteness.

Kairo spoke about her favourite things to do with her daddy and everyone watching went “Ncawww” when she said on her first day at “big” school, she drew her daddy dearest a cute card of appreciation!

Check it out below:

Kairo drew a cute card for AKA.
Image: YouTube/Trending SA Kairo drew a cute card for AKA.

Watch the cute video clip below:

Even though it feels like time went by super fast, fans of the couple have been lucky as Kairo has basically grown up before our eyes. From her infant cuteness to her toddler days, Mzansi has watched the little girl show off her stellar personality and cuteness for ages.

We’ve watched her milestones and even saw some of her firsts, like the first time we knew she was a star when we watched her fake DJ moves on her mother’s equipment and her uber adorable videos her Glammy uploads on Instagram.

Recently, Kairo's fans shared in her first day at “big” school.

Fans of the cute celebrity bundle of joy celebrated with proud dad AKA when he shared a picture of Kairo in her “big school” uniform on her first day.

Kairo looked super cute as always with a big smile. The five-year-old is out of creche and into preschool, and her rapper daddy could not be more proud.