LISTEN | Behind the scenes with 'Real Housewife of Durban' star Anne-Tonni Lodick Mthembu

01 February 2021 - 07:00
By Masego Seemela
Real Housewife of Durban Anne-Tonni Lodick Mthembu talks about her private life now being publicised for SA to see.
Image: Anne-Tonni Lodick Mthembu/ Instagram Real Housewife of Durban Anne-Tonni Lodick Mthembu talks about her private life now being publicised for SA to see.

After the relative success of Real Housewives of Johannesburg, TshisaLIVE got to speak to one of the six high-flying women from Durban, businesswoman Annie Lodick-Mthembu, who is set to light up viewers' TV screens on Real Housewives of Durban.

While news of the reality TV show was only revealed at the beginning of the month, wife of Durban’s unofficial mayor Kgolo Da Guru, Annie, revealed how after a young back and forth last year, she was excited to have made the cut as a real housewife.

Here is what she had to say: 

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“I'm really excited about it ... I think I was a bit anxious when we started because I am not the most social of people, I really have such a tight circle normally — I'm normally just around the people that I know ...

“So, it was a bit of a growing experience for me to meet new people and be comfortable around them and to be able to be myself around new people without feeling self-conscious or anxious. But yeah, I really came out of my shell and have learnt quite a lot about myself.”

Despite living lavish lifestyles, the show comprises women who also have their own business empires.

Nonkanyiso Conco owns beauty brand Laconco Naturals and is set to become former president Jacob Zuma's bride soon. Ayanda Ncwane is CEO of Ncwane Communications and president of The Africa Gospel Awards; Sorisha Naidoo, a former Miss India SA, imports about 25 beauty products through her company SSBO.

Kgomotso Ndungane owns an events and floral business called Oak Celebrations and has recently launched her own luxury home, body and bath product line, Lelapa; Nonku Williams is founder of Ashes to Beauty Winery and has business interests in construction; and Annie owns Durban’s luxury beauty salon Annaesthetic, as well as an events and marketing company and a dance agency.

After forging friendships on the show, Annie lifted the lid as to which of the housewives she was closest to.

“So, I think the mood on set is ... we're all cool, but obviously I don't know everybody because on set I spend more time with Kgomotso and Sorisha than I have with Ayanda.

“I am a little bit more comfortable with them because of the little bit of time we've spent together but I wouldn't say there was beefing ... whatever happens on the show, happens on the show. Not to say there's something behind the scenes that's also happening. But I don't want to give much away.”

Real Housewives of Durban made its debut on Showmax last Friday.