'Gomora' actress Thembi Seete shares her 'forever young' beauty secret!

“Skin care is part of my healthy lifestyle,” Thembi said.

06 February 2021 - 14:00 By chrizelda kekana
Thembi Seete's skin care routine is sought after.
Thembi Seete's skin care routine is sought after.
Image: Via Instagram

In addition to being a multitalented force of nature, media personality Thembi Seete is famous for looking like she's 20 years old, no matter how time flies by.

The 43-year-old Gomora actress is one of Mzansi's most timeless celebs and while the country understands that her ageless looks have a lot to do with genes, they have never stopped asking about the location of the fountain of youth she drinks from.

In the past, Thembi has made it clear that in addition to her good genes she has a healthy lifestyle (good diet and exercise) to thank for her younger-looking face and sexy body.

However, taking to Instagram recently, Thembi shared one of the procedures she does to keep her skin young and tight, and her followers are here for every bit of her advice. Thembi told her followers that she's totes in love with the one particular anti-ageing treatment she recommends.

I went for my first Anti-ageing treatment with Dr Sandi Medical Aesthetics (Exilis and Peptide Resurfacer Peel). He makes use of a machine called Exilis Elite, which is the most advanced technology for tightening loose and sagging skin, reducing wrinkles and shaping the body. Peptides work to ensure your skin is indulged with proteins, providing a facial lifting, tightening and plumping experience.”

Thembi said the treatment made her feel like her skin was getting a hard-core workout.

“Skin will feel and look healthier and hydrated. This effective anti-ageing treatment gives your skin a hard-core workout while you simply relax, enjoy and reap the benefits. Skin care is part of my healthy lifestyle. It is a pretty well-known fact that you will feel better when you look better.”

While Thembi at 43 remains one of the sexiest women in Mzansi celebville, she has had her fair amount of ups and downs as far as body positivity is concerned.

In the past she opened up about how she was obsessed with being skinny and what she did to achieve that. In a detailed post on Instagram she said that she used to starve herself and undergo one crash diet after the other in an effort to be skinny.

“I decided to drink diet pills and experimented with crash diets by starving myself daily. I felt weak most of the time. My heart rate was high. I felt constantly tired and sleepy and my concentration span was low.”

However, she found a healthy balance and embraced personalised methods of staying healthy. Since then she's created an Instagram page @thembseete_fitnesspage for her fans to keep up with her journey, with the hope of inspiring others.

“To this day I still get questions from my friends and family on how I remain young. I hope this page inspires you for many years.”