Boity gets real about her love life

10 February 2021 - 13:00
Rapper Boity Thulo has rules for finding love!
Rapper Boity Thulo has rules for finding love!
Image: Instagram/Boity Thulo

Even though Boity loves the idea of being “taken care of” by a man, her independence is very important to her. 

The star got real with fans about her love life on the TL, explaining  that she would rather be spending her hard-earned cash on her grandparents than 15 Birkin bags.

Boity said it's her man's job to provide her with accessories, but even though she entertains the idea of a partner taking care of her, she's still an independent powerhouse.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being taken care of by a man who’s got his sh! t together. But I don’t do dependence. It’s not up my alley,” tweeted Boity.

The 4436 hitmaker has also opened up about her rules of engagement when it comes to falling head over heels. 

“It’s not really about wanting it ... it’s about knowing you deserve it. That’s when you’ve tapped into the law of attraction,” Boity said.

Though Boity is still a single pringle to the public, the star hasn't shied away from talking relationships 101 on the TL.

Just last week, the star shared her hopes and dreams for her next whirlwind romance. Boity shared a prayer for her prosperous career.

May my success never be tied to a toxic relationship/man,” tweeted the Bakae star.