Anele Mdoda trends as the net wishes Kelly Rowland happy birthday

12 February 2021 - 18:00
The internet couldn't help but have a go at Anele.
The internet couldn't help but have a go at Anele.
Image: Instagram/Anele

Radio host Anele Mdoda's comments have come back to "haunt" her again as the internet celebrates Kelly Rowland's birthday.

While the Anele vs Kelly chat is as stale as old beer, the net always manages to bring it up. No matter how much time passes, it seems tweeps will never let go of the presenter's thoughts about the American singer.

A little refresher: in 2019, Anele came under fire after she said in a now-deleted tweet that the former Destiny's Child member only “looks amazing with make-up” and she has “the receipts” to prove it.

Ever since, the TL has taken many an opportunity to remind her about her past.

Dilemma hitmaker Kelly celebrated her 40th birthday on Thursday with many well wishes from fans. Even the official Destiny's Child Twitter page wished the star all the best for her milestone birthday.

However, once Mzansi Twitter caught wind of the celebration, they had to bring Anele into the mix.

Many were (again) shook that Anele had come for Kelly's looks.

However, there might be light at the end of the tunnel because unlike similar situations in the past, it seems a few Twitter members are fed up with the Anele vs Kelly "war".

“So y'all gon' make Anele trend every time Kelly posts her picture?" said one user.

Check out some of the reactions from Twitter.

In the past, Anele has addressed how Twitter never forgets.

Last year, the star hit back at trending for her Kelly Rowland hate. After Kelly posted a photo of herself in Beyoncé's Black Is King, Anele hit the trending list.

The star let the trolls know she isn't getting off the blue bird app any time soon.

“I can't be bullied and it pains them. The day you think you going to run me off Twitter,  I will be here all day long. I need to go make dinner soon, but you get my point. Another thing I have since learnt about this app is you must reply but never tag them,” she wrote.