Boity encourages matrics: Don’t allow society to pressure you

23 February 2021 - 13:00 By Masego Seemela
Rapper Boity Thulo advises matrics not to give in to the pressures by society to meet certain goals.
Rapper Boity Thulo advises matrics not to give in to the pressures by society to meet certain goals.
Image: Halo Heritage

As the department of basic education has announced the the class of 2020 pass rate on Tuesday, rapper and TV personality Boity encouraged matrics not to allow society to pressure them into believing that their age is interlinked with their goals.

The rapper shared her views on Twitter where she engaged with her young followers on the importance of never letting society's expectations get the better of them.

While there were many matriculants who were over the moon to have obtained distinctions despite the hectic year under lockdown due to a pandemic and non-consistent schooling, Boity shared a tweet with those who didn't make it by expressing that failure was merely an opportunity to try again.

Even though her advice made sense to many, an emotional tweep took to the rapper's comment section and revealed he couldn't come to terms with repeating his matric and was disappointed in himself.

Boity calmly reassured the tweep there was nothing wrong with trying matric again as it was an opportunity for him to do better than he did the last time.

She then told her young followers never to forget that moving towards their destiny is not a competition nor does it have an age limit.

“Don’t allow society to pressure you into believing that your age is directly linked to reaching your goals,” the Bakae hitmaker expressed in her tweet.

Boity was not the only celeb who acknowledged how tough the class of 2020 had it, TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe also wished them well as she knows how hard the matrics worked last year.

She also reiterated Boity's sentiments that failure was nothing more than a lesson.

Through a video she shared on Instagram, media personality and singer Unathi Nkayi offered hope to matric students.

She spoke to those who felt stuck and dissatisfied with their results and advised that they should draw strength from her personal experience.

She shared that she failed grade 8 and her first year in university.

“It was devastating so I know how you feel and how heartbroken you must be. I understand the possible things you are saying or doing to yourself and I want to ask you as your big sis: don’t give up on yourself. It’s OK, it really is. I had to learn that I’m just slower when it comes to academics and I needed more time,” she said.

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