Siv Ngesi frustrated by lack of support for his ‘sanitary pads must be free’ statement

23 February 2021 - 06:00
By Masego Seemela
Siv Ngesi believes sanitary pads and tampons should be free of charge.
Image: Via Instagram Siv Ngesi believes sanitary pads and tampons should be free of charge.

Actor and comedian Siv Ngesi has called out the lack of support for his sentiment that “sanitary pads should be free”. 

This after Siv took to Twitter to open a conversation about his view that sanitary pads should not be sold.

He shared a snap of a pad and a  tampon with a caption claiming if men menstruated, “sanitary products would be free”.

In a conversation with a tweep who believed the concept of free sanitary pads was simple and could not understand why the country was still getting it wrong, Siv said he believes it is because such decisions were made by men who “make the big calls”.

After opening a conversation around sanitary pad not being taxed, a frustrated Siv shared another tweet in which he revealed he was disgusted by men who believe sanitary pads should be taxed like other products seeing “nothing is for free” in the country. 

Feeling irritated by men who think like that, the actor who has recently tapped into the drag queen world unleashing a woman he calls Sivanna, described males who believe in such a narrative as “very selfish” and “self-centered”. 

“F**k it! If you had blood running down your leg, you would think otherwise you selfish,  self-centered bastard,” he said in his tweet.

When asked by a tweep where one should draw the line, Siv said society has failed women for far too long, stating the topic “should not be a debate”.