Itumeleng Bokaba opens up about almost having her car repossessed

04 March 2021 - 08:00
The star was candid about how she almost lost her car.
The star was candid about how she almost lost her car.
Image: Instagram/Itumeleng Bokaba

Actress Itumeleng Bokaba got frank with the TL this week, opening up about the struggles in the entertainment industry at the moment and almost having her car repossessed.

Taking to Instagram, the Rhythm City star shared how she almost lost her car due to financial challenges.

She admitted that things were a bit "hectic" for her at the moment "on the job front" and she faced not being able to pay her car instalments each month. She found relief by selling the car.

“I was able to escape the heartache of a repossession and ruined credit score. The reason I'm sharing this with you guys is because I want y'all to know the realities of what the pandemic has done to everyone,” said Itumeleng.

The star also wanted to raise awareness around how those who have lost their possessions can suffer from mental distress.

“Too many people suffer depression from losing material possessions because they are embarrassed or shocked it could happen to them. Life is unpredictable and you have to be strong and resilient and keep your inner peace. So strength to you in whatever you may be going through,” she said.

The former YO.TV  star has taken to social media to highlight injustice in the past.

Just last year Itumeleng opened up about allegedly being slut-shamed by someone on the set of Rhythm City. The star hit back at the comments, saying her actions won't be policed.

I was slut-shamed for twerking on set today, even though it was part of a scene we were shooting. Someone said: 'Wow look at the mothers of today.' Like really!

“Now that I'm a mother I should stop enjoying and expressing my sexuality. Get a life,” she said.