Basetsana Kumalo hits back at beauty standards for older women

06 March 2021 - 14:00
The former Miss SA says the sooner we embrace our ages, the happier we will be.
The former Miss SA says the sooner we embrace our ages, the happier we will be.
Image: Instagram/Basetsana Kumalo

Media mogul Basetsana “Bassie” Kumalo has spoken out against the discrimination women face as they age.

Taking to Instagram, the star said she has learnt to love growing older, despite society’s beauty standards often insisting younger is better.

“Believe it or not, I enjoy growing older with each year. People are often taken aback when I openly say how old I am without flinching. I guess society has decided to frown upon ageing, and has prescribed what the ideal standards of beauty is,” said Bassie

She opened up about how society compares and judges women based on their age, leaving women to believe ageing isn’t a positive experience.

“As women, we have become circumspect of disclosing one’s age,” she said.

The star went on to gush about how beautiful it is for women to learn to love themselves.

“There is something about coming into your own, being comfortable in your own skin, not seeking validation from anyone and being true to you. Now that is beautiful!” Basetsana wrote.

The former Miss SA often weighs in on matters of beauty.

After the Clicks hair saga went down in 2020, Bassie took a stand against the health care retailer and reminded her fans African hair care is a political issue.

“Black women’s hair is a political issue. I Basetsana Kumalo have joined the narrative about black hair long ago and won’t be silenced when I see the continued portrayal of white hair as not just the norm but the standard,” said Bassie.