Candice Modiselle says she's ready for marriage in her future!

06 March 2021 - 08:00 By deepika naidoo
Candice Modiselle can already hear wedding bells!
Candice Modiselle can already hear wedding bells!
Image: Instagram/Candice Modiselle

Media personality Candice Modiselle says she is ready to get hitched and have her happily ever after.

Taking to Twitter, she said she is getting on board with the idea that one day she will be calling her bae her husband.

The actress said in the past she had convinced herself that the white dress and big wedding wasn't for her.

However, she has realised that she wants to hear wedding bells in her future.

“I’m actually warming up to the idea of calling someone 'my husband' one day. I’ve been so indifferent about the idea, that I convinced myself that I’ll be content with not getting married. Nah, I want it all. The wedding, the family, the happy ending. And I’m getting it,” said Candice.

Tweeps were happy for the star and her most recent romantic revelation.

Check out some of the reactions from fans:

Though the star is pretty private about the romance in her life, she has opened up about her thoughts on learning to love yourself.

Taking to Instagram with a video, Candice encouraged fans to go on a journey of self-love to become the best versions of themselves.

“If you are fully obsessed with wanting to perform an identity that isn’t true to who you are, wanting to fulfil the expectations of this world, you will never fully enjoy the beauty of who you are destined to be,” said Candice.