AKA on #WitsProtests: When police fire at students they don’t care if you wear a red beret or a yellow T-shirt

11 March 2021 - 11:00
Rapper AKA has shown his support for students involved in the #WitsProtest.
Rapper AKA has shown his support for students involved in the #WitsProtest.
Image: Instagram/AKA

Bhovamania star AKA has shown his support for protests in Braamfontein, Johannesburg against the financial exclusion of some students with historical debt.

Violent clashes between the police and students led to the death of a man, after he was allegedly shot by the police officers attempting to disperse the crowd. Two student reporters sustained injuries and three people were arrested.

Many local celebrities used their social media platforms to call out the tragic incident, including rapper AKA.

In a series of tweets, the star shared his heartbreak and frustrations over ongoing protests at tertiary institutions in SA.

Fans praised the star for using his platform to raise awareness about obstacles in higher education, but the rapper felt more action was needed.

“We don’t need any more f***ing awareness. We are well aware of what’s happening. The question is what the f*** can we do about it,” tweeted AKA. 

The rapper also commented on police officers indiscriminately using rubber bullets during the clashes.

A fan asked AKA if he would be willing to use his fame and platform to lead student protests in the future. But the star felt that it wasn't his place as a celebrity to hijack the movement.

I have marched with the students before and I have no problem marching with them again, but any protest is always to be led by students and student leadership. It’s not my place to turn it into some sort of celebrity activity,” said AKA. 

In 2019, after protests erupted across the country over various grievances with institutions of higher learning, AKA announced a donation of R100k to the Wits SRC humanitarian fund.

“I’ve been following the saga unfolding at Wits and I feel as if something needs to be done for these kids. These are the very same people we ask for support when we as public figures need something, yet our indifference and silence in times like these is deafening,” said AKA.