LISTEN | Moonchild Sanelly gives the 411 on her new reality show & love life

‘I definitely wouldn’t date a SA musician’

15 March 2021 - 07:00
Moonchild Sanelly's MTV reality series is going to show fans a whole new side of her.
Moonchild Sanelly's MTV reality series is going to show fans a whole new side of her.
Image: Oupa Bopape/Gallo Images

Moonchild Sanelly is all too ready to share the ins and outs of her personal life with her fans!

Speaking to TshisaLIVE about her new MTV Africa reality series Moonchild Sanelly Woza, the star said she finally wanted to give her adoring followers more insight into Moonchild behind the scenes. The show focuses on her family, girlfriend and workings in the financial side of the music industry

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“For the longest time, including right now, my whole voice about being free and liberated, and empowering women and anything that society deems as weird, it’s been questioned No-one knows the root of the branches that I am. The reality show gives you a glimpse into what constitutes my freedom and where it stems from because nothing comes from nothing,” said Moonchild.

Even more exciting news for Moonchild stans is that the star will be exploring her relationship with her girlfriend and sexuality.

Speaking about her girlfriend, the star opened up about how she doesn’t date SA musicians after rumours about her alleged relationships were circulating online.

“I don’t date SA musicians, period. The reason I am with my girlfriend is because she is the one person who sees me as a person and not a sex bomb to pop and feel like you've ticked a box and succeeded in your sex life,” she said.

The star also opened up about her journey to discovering her sexual identity, saying  she really isn’t into labels.

“I love what I love and I don't question it because I don't have to listen to society to tell me what my feelings are. I don't have to question what society would question, I just live.

“I don't know when I came out. I just know that the first person I dated was a girl and that felt right,” she said.