IN MEMES | 'The River' fans can't believe Zweli, aka Lala, is finally seeing the light

16 March 2021 - 18:00
Zweli and Lindiwe are 'The River's' power couple.
Zweli and Lindiwe are 'The River's' power couple.
Image: Twitter/Phathu Makwarela/The River

The River fans are celebrating the return of “woke Zweli” after he decided to prove why he is the police commissioner by investigating his wife's involvement in the death of the pilot who was his only lead in Tumi's helicopter crash death case.

Zweli  is married to Lindiwe, who every knows is a gangster, and they've watched the pair interact with the hope Zweli will one day figure out he's sleeping with the missing piece of every crime puzzle he's had to solve.

Fans of Lindiwe know the mining mogul is directly or indirectly responsible for the death  and most of the crimes Zweli couldn't solve. Due to being too “trusting”, Zweli has been oblivious to the fact that he serves as Lindiwe's “inside man” at the police station because he tells her everything during pillow talk.

On Monday, finally feeling like Zweli has caught on to her conniving ways, Lindiwe resorted to crying and breaking down in Zweli's arms so he wouldn't go to work where he would continue to investigate her.

Now fans are wondering if the storyline will have the typical ending they've seen before where Lindiwe is always two-steps forward and will manage to allude Zweli once more. Others are hoping things will be different this time and maybe Lindiwe will finally be nabbed for her crimes.

Fans have admitted The River would never be the same if Lindiwe lost her Madlabantu status.

Meanwhile, tweeps have expressed they are tired and even bored with the “prolonged” blesser storyline but  can't get over how entertaining  it is to watch Thuso, aka Cobreezy, claim to be Refilwe's blesser.

Tweeps can't decide what's funnier between watching Cobra stress out over his newfound fame and its demand or watching Mabutho and Khabzela laugh at Cobra as he continues to lie.

Here are some of the reactions: