Twitter reacts after US host Wendy William claims April 10 is 'dedicated to her in SA'

‘Which SA?’ tweeps asked

17 March 2021 - 10:00
US TV show host Wendy Williams topped the SA Twitter trends list on Wednesday.
US TV show host Wendy Williams topped the SA Twitter trends list on Wednesday.
Image: Instagram/Wendy Williams

US TV presenter Wendy Williams became the butt of jokes on social media after a video clip of her declaring April 10 is “Wendy Williams Day in SA” went viral. 

The Wendy Williams show host landed on the SA Twitter trends list on Wednesday morning alongside the hashtag “Which South Africa” as tweeps wondered out loud who gave that information to the TV personality.

In the video, Wendy could be heard telling her audience she had just found out April 10 is her day in the country.

“Do you know what April 10 is? I just found out myself. April 10 is Wendy Williams Day in South Africa. I am not lying,” she said on the viral video clip cut from her latest show.

Watch the short clip below:

Obvs tweeps immediately started wilding out on the TL, asking “Which SA?” the good sis was talking about that has dedicated a day to her.

What Wendy meant to say but clearly didn’t do a good job explaining was that her biopic Wendy Williams: Hot Topic and her documentary Wendy Williams: What a mess! would be broadcast in the country on April 10 on Lifetime ( DStv channel 131).

Even knowing that information, tweeps still dragged Wendy for making it sound like she had been awarded a “public holiday” by the country.

Twitter FBI also did a quick investigation into who may have given Wendy the information that landed her on the trends list.

They were convinced they found the culprit when they realised radio host Anele Mdoda had recently interviewed the US celebrity.

When confronted about the “Wendy Williams Day” thing on her TL, Anele told the tweep who asked her if she fed the info to Wendy that the information wasn’t a lie.

Yes guys, it was me who told Wendy Williams that because it is. Lifetime SA tell them it is so #AneleandtheClub,” Anele said.

Meanwhile, tweeps were going crazy with memes in reaction to the alleged “Wendy Williams Day” in SA.

Here are some of the top reactions: