AKA fuels lobola rumours after asking about the monetary value of a cow

19 March 2021 - 11:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
AKA asked Nelli to marry him and she said yes, and now he's asking about livestock prices.
Image: AKA/ Instagram AKA asked Nelli to marry him and she said yes, and now he's asking about livestock prices.

Rapper AKA left the rumour mill turning at high speed on Thursday when he “randomly” asked tweeps to help him determine the monetary value of livestock.

The rapper recently popped the question to his girlfriend Nelli Tembe with an impressive rock and it has already been reported that he is well on his way to paying lobola for the woman of his dreams.

While both AKA and Nelli have not confirmed the lobola talks, AKA’s question about how much a cow goes for these days was all the confirmation tweeps needed to add to swirling rumours. 

Knowing the fire his question would ignite, AKA tried to downplay things, saying he was asking for an unnamed friend.

Quick question. What’s the going rate for a Cow in ZAR these days ... asking for a friend,” he tweeted.

AKA received different responses to his question with people pretty much telling him the value depended on factors which include but are not limited to how old the cow is, what type of breed the cow is and many other elements.

The father of one responded to a few of the tweeps who gave him info for his “friend”, thanking one who told him the going rate was about R6,5k and telling another who named R12k as the price for one cow that it was ridiculous.

Here are some of the responses AKA received:

Mzansi first learnt about Nelli in January last year after a video of AKA and her smooching  in a restaurant went viral. At the time Mzansi had no confirmation the rapper and his baby mama DJ Zinhle had parted ways.

AKA finally addressed the viral video of the pair kissing, telling fans it was on some “TMZ” level.

“That TMZ-style video someone took of me while out for dinner the other night was probably one of the biggest favours someone ever did me. Thank you whoever that was,” he said on Twitter.

AKA said he had been single since late 2019 and didn’t owe anyone an explanation.

After that young session of setting the record straight, the Supa Mega started flaunting his love for Nelli boldly. He shared several cosy moments with Nelli on his TL, including their fancy dinners and sunset drives in fast cars while on vacation in Cape Town.