Slikour reflects on the birth of his daughter

27 March 2021 - 14:00 By karishma thakurdin
Slikour with his baby girl Shaka.
Slikour with his baby girl Shaka.
Image: Instagram/Siya Metane

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since Slikour and his wife Melissa announced the arrival of their daughter, Shaka Khensani Metane.

The new addition to Slikour and Melissa's family arrived three days before the national lockdown started last year.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Slikour revealed that baby Shaka had turned one year old.

He reflected on the day she entered the world.

“Last year this morning I was in hospital being handed a scissors to cut baby girls umbilical cord. We thankful for the first year and pray for many more. My baby girl Shaka Khensani Anathi Metane.” 

Speaking to the Sunday Times at the time, Melissa explained how Covid-19 changed her birthing plan.

“In terms of the actual birthing process, that really changed significantly because we had intended for our families to be there — both our mothers and our kids,” Melissa said.

“We wanted all of them to be there to welcome Shaka, but unfortunately because of Covid-19 they couldn't. The hospital had already amended the rules and was stricter. The father was only allowed to be there during the birthing process. Then he had to leave and the visiting hours had also been cut short — he was only allowed one hour of visiting and family wasn't allowed at all.

“It was really stressful and emotionally taxing to be left alone for those hours after the birth. However, we understood why the hospital had to be so strict. It was for my baby's wellbeing, and mine and everyone else in the hospital.”