Lerato Kganyago slams tweeps who blatantly disrespect elders on Twitter!

“Y’all have normalised speaking to elders, okare le hlaphetswe (as if y'all are drunk) on Twitter?!”

01 April 2021 - 08:00
Lerato Kganyago said young people ought to respect elders even on the socials.
Lerato Kganyago said young people ought to respect elders even on the socials.
Image: Via Instagram/LeratoKganyago

TV and radio personality Lerato Kganyago has taken to her Twitter to lambaste the disrespectful manner in which young people opt to address their elders on the platform, saying that is not how most of us were taught and we ought to do better.

The Metro FM personality said in her tweet that young people had normalised speaking to elders in a distasteful manner. Lerato added that it saddened her that most people saw nothing wrong with the new culture.

Y’all have normalised speaking to elders, Okare le hlaphetswe (as if y'all are drunk) on Twitter?!

Some of these elders are the same age as your parents and grandparents man. I will never get used to that. It saddens me,” she said.

Seeing her tweet, tweeps responded with their views on the matter. One tweep said, respect went both ways and as far as he saw it, most elders on Twitter were unworthy of the respect or didn't know how to reciprocate respectfully themselves.

Lerato slammed the tweep's argument saying it is his duty to take the higher road when confronted with a disrespectful elder.

The DJ reflected on her career in aviation, which she said taught her a lot about putting her point across assertively without insulting the person she was interacting with.

I was in aviation for 4 years, most of the people I worked with were much older, some my parents' age. I was undermined, disrespected and bullied. I mastered the art of putting my point across, firmly so, without lowering my standards to them. Till today. Use it don’t use it.”

Engaging with another tweep Lerato said she respected elders because of the teachings instilled in her from home and advised him not to forget such teachings himself because of social media norms.

“Nah it’s not in our culture. We were raised to respect our elders. This new culture we’ve adopted from social media is the reason why we will not prosper. Our ancestors don’t cheer for nonsense. Put your point across without being disrespectful.”

Read some of Lerato's points on the matter below: